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Sticky maple BBQ pork ribs post-time Created with Sketch. 2 hours 20 minutes

Nothing beats sticky ribs on a hot summer’s day and this recipe will be a sure-fire hit with BBQ guests.

Sweet and sticky maple mackerel post-time Created with Sketch. 25 minutes

Mackerel infused with Asian flavours is the perfect meat alternative for your summer BBQ.

Maple beer can chicken post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 45 minutes

A real crowd pleaser, this beer can chicken is perfect for sharing and packs a flavoursome punch.

New potato salad with maple mustard dressing post-time Created with Sketch. 20 minutes

Maple syrup offsets the hot mustard to make a moreish side dish, perfect for any BBQ.

Red cabbage, tahini and maple slaw post-time Created with Sketch. 10 minutes

This refreshing slaw is great as a side, or perfect for a light lunch. Packed with healthy ingredients, the dish is elev...

Maple glazed chicken wings with BBQ sauce post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 15 minutes

A BBQ bonanza or a weekday treat – form an orderly queue, please! The longer you leave the chicken wings to marinade, ...

Spicy jerk chicken burger with maple slaw post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 00 minutes

Spicy and tangy Caribbean flavours combine with Canadian sweetness for a flawless burger. Basting the spicy chicken ...

Maple mayonnaise post-time Created with Sketch. 10 minutes

This maple mayonnaise can be used in a variety of dishes, from salads and main courses to sandwiches. Great with fried c...

Maple mustard post-time Created with Sketch. 11 minutes

Maple mustard can be used in lots of different dishes to add flavour to your cooking. Alternatively, it is a great dinne...

Fruity chicken kebabs with maple syrup

Maple syrup takes a starring role in the marinade for these chicken kebabs. The longer you can leave the kebabs to mari...

Maple grilled corn

Corn on the cob slathered in buttery maple syrup looks as spectacular as it tastes. The husks give the vegetable a rust...

Stuffed aubergine with halloumi and maple

This scrummy vegetable dish brims with gooey goodness and benefits from the gentle smoke of a barbecue. Sprinkle the coo...

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