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Maple syrup is a 100% natural energy source in the form of simple sugars that metabolise quickly into glucose and act as the perfect cycling nutrition fuel. It is an excellent sugar replacement. Consuming maple boosts energy before, during and after your cycling.

Maple Products from Quebec is the official energy source of the Quebec Cycling Federation, the FQSC (fédération québécoise des sports cyclists). It is the first time in its history that the FQSC has associated itself with an energy product.


Sport recipes
Maple juice with kale post-time Created with Sketch. 10 minutes

This delicious juice is not only easy to make, it’s also full of green goodness that you’re sure to love.

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Delicious, healthy and very quick to make. This is a staple training drink.

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A delicious low-carb breakfast for non-training days or during an injury period. Add some toast to make this an equally ...

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This is a great pre-workout breakfast dish, packed with protein and carbs for that extended energy boost.

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Pure Canadian maple syrup not only tastes better than processed sweeteners made from corn syrup, it is also better for you. Discover why maple syrup’s nutritional value is superior to other common sweeteners, such as honey, sugar, and even brown sugar

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Cycling Nutrition Factoid

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Pure Canadian maple syrup is a 100% natural energy source in the form of simple sugars...

that metabolise quickly into glucose...

and act as fuel during exercise

Meet the Pro

Hugo Houle

Hugo Houle is a 26-year-old pro cyclist from Quebec, who rides for the AG2R La Mondiale team. In 2012, he won the general classification of the In 2015, he competed in his first Grand Tour, the Giro d'Italia.
In the same year he won the Canadian Time Trial Championship over Ryan Roth and Christian Meier. In 2016, he was officially named in Canada's 2016 Olympic team.


Q. What inspired you to become a pro cyclist?

A. The fact that you ride in the most beautiful climbs and roads in the world. I like the freedom of riding alone in nature. Also, the fact of pushing myself to get better everyday by training hard.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

A. Never give up – hard work will always pay off one day.

Q. What is your favourite piece of cycling kit?

A. The saddle, because it’s important to feel comfortable; I spend around 1,000 hours on the bike every year, so you need to be comfortable!

Q. Who is your biggest cycling hero?

A. Tom Boonen, because he has a lot of class on the bike and a respectful rider in the peloton!

Q. Proudest moment in cycling?

A. When I finished fourth at the U23 world-championship in 2012.

Q. What is your advice to someone who wants to turn professional, or at least try to?

A. Discipline and perseverance – because nothing is easy in cycling. You always need to push your limits.

Q. What is your favourite pre-race meal?

A. Oatmeal banana and nuts with a lot maple syrup.

Q. What’s your favourite way of using pure maple syrup?

A. Maple syrup salmon with a crust of almonds; maple syrup granola, pecan nuts, almonds, cranberry; maple syrup pancake with maple sugar.
These are my three favourites, but I always find ways to use maple syrup!

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