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Whatever your age, cooking with maple is great fun and delicious too! Click on your age bracket for some tasty recipe ideas!

Maple recipes for 5-8
For Maple "Seedlings"

Fun recipes for our tiniest chefs, under the close supervision of a grown-up. It’s time for some serious mixing, Seedlings!

Maple recipes for 9-12
For Maple "Buds"

A great introduction to following a simple recipe for our young Buds. Why not make a dish for your family or friends? It’s easy to get distracted while cooking, so an adult will need to be around at all times.

Maple recipes for 13-16
For Maple "Saplings"

You’ve measured, whisked and weighed, and can follow a basic recipe. Now it’s time to step up to the next level. Just make sure there is supervision to avoid accidents.

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