Maple TV

Go behind the scenes of Maple From Canada UK as we showcase the talents and personalities that bring pure Canadian maple syrup to life.

Learn more about maple syrup’s diversity as a cooking ingredient, seasonality and sustainability and pick up some top tips from our chef ambassadors on how to bring maple syrup into your cooking.

S1 E9: Pancake Day The Maple Way

Celebrate Pancake Day the Maple way! In this episode of Maple TV, our development chef Olivier Briault brings you some of his favourite pancake recipes from around the world, all with pure Canadian Maple syrup!

S1 E8: A Taste of Christmas

Celebrate the holiday season with pure Canadian maple syrup! In this video, we give you a taste of how pure Canadian maple syrup adds a rich, complex flavour to all your favourite holiday recipes. Watch now and learn how to make the most of this versatile, delicious ingredient. Happy holidays from Maple From Canada UK!

S1 E7: Seasonal and Sustainable eating with Peter McKenna

In this episode, we head to Glasgow, Scotland to cook a seasonal and sustainable meal with Michelin Star winner Peter McKenna at his restaurant The Gannet.

S1 E6: Maple at Abergavenny Food Festival 2022

In this episode we return to Wales with the “First Ladies of Cue” Sam and Shauna from Hang Fire as we celebrate all things pure Canadian maple syrup at the legendary Abergavenny Food Festival.

S1 E5: A “Lovely Lunch” with BBQ Legends Sam and Shauna from Hang Fire

In this episode, we’re in Cardiff with the ‘first ladies of ‘cue’ Sam and Shauna from Hang Fire as they show us how they elevate their cooking using pure Canadian maple syrup.

S1 E4: A Maple Afternoon Tea with William Curley

We headed to London to visit master chocolatier William Curley at his beautiful boutique in Soho, to learn how William uses pure Canadian maple syrup to create an exquisite Afternoon Tea.

S1 E3: Vegan BBQ, The Maple Way

In this episode we share some of our favourite vegan BBQ recipes that are packed with flavour and can be enjoyed by everyone all year round, all using pure Canadian maple syrup.

S1 E2: Maple At Christchurch Food Festival

In this episode, we headed to the iconic Christchurch Food Festival, on the beautiful South Coast. Here we met up with maple ambassador James Golding and BBQ legends Sam and Shauna who recorded a special edition podcast episode of Always in Season, along with festival organiser Philip Lowery.

S1 E1: A perfect cake to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate 70 years on the throne, Maple from Canada UK’s development chef, Olivier Briault, and local students, have created a two-tier, seven-layer cake with seven layers and seven different flavours to represent each decade on the throne – from dark maple syrup, vanilla cream, Earl grey tea buttercream to white chocolate, maple caramel, dark chocolate and lemon curd.

Did you know?

Québec exports its maple products to more than 50 countries

Everywhere it goes, consumers of all ages appreciate maple’s unique flavour.

Scientists are studying maple’s potential health benefits

Studies now underway include those on the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols naturally present in maple syrup, with a recent study indicating that maple syrup is better for cardiometabolic health than refined sugar.

Maple syrup can be used as a sugar substitute in most recipes

In cake and most dessert recipes, for each 250ml (1 cup) of syrup used, simply reduce the stipulated amount of liquid (water, milk, juice, etc.) by 60ml (1/4 cup).

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