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We believe it’s important to inspire children from an early age to be curious about food, to try new things and learn about the history, origin and importance of the food they eat. The kitchen is also a wonderful place for children and young people to learn new skills, whether it’s counting and weighing out ingredients, or practising harder cooking techniques.

We have developed a series of fun workbooks for children and teens, to encourage them to get curious, explore the wonderful world of food and learn more through cooking. Each booklet features two age-appropriate recipes, a food-themed task, along with suggestions for other fun and educational activities.

What are you waiting for? Your kitchen adventures awaits!

Workbook for under 5s

Children under 5

This workbook helps introduce toddlers to some of their first encounters with food and food preparation.

Little hands can help count, mix, weigh, sieve and spoon as you make moreish maple breakfast cookies or scrummy iced maple lemon cake. Afterwards get creative making your very own maple tree.


Workbook for 5 to 7 year olds

Children aged 5 - 7

Get your kids involved with cooking some delicious maple banana bread or try the tasty crustless tomato quiche with maple; while they master the skill of measuring, grating, whisking, pouring and lining a cake tin.

When you’re done wind down with learning about how maple is made and colour in a beautiful Canadian sugar shack.


Workbook for 8 to 10 year olds

Children aged 8 - 10

In this workbook children are encouraged to explore the wonderful world of food. Learn about how maple syrup is produced and discover where some of our other favourite foods come from.

When you are done, prepare some delicious maple and blueberry muffins or try the potato, bacon and maple rösti; perfect as a savoury snack or delicious as a breakfast treat.


Workbook for 11 to 14 year olds

Children aged 11 - 14

Advance your children’s planning, cooking and timing skills as they bake a beautiful and zesty maple Bundt party cake. They can also attempt cooking up a family feast with the chicken, bacon, pea and maple pasta.

This workbook helps children with their planning ability and encourages them to plan their own tasty and balanced family meals.


Workbook for children aged 14+

Children aged 14+

Cook up a storm with our 14+ workbook. Here your children will learn about food provenance with the example of maple and explore how other ingredients are important to the areas they’re from.

Once they’ve learnt about the provenance of the food they eat, let them try their hand at cooking by making the delicious maple and vanilla French toast with bananas or the crowd-pleasing king prawn and spicy maple curry.


Supporting resources

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