Always in Season – the podcast

Learn about eating seasonally and sustainably with Maple from Canada, James Golding and a series of special guests.

From learning what it really means to eat in season to talking to some of the UK’s most influential food experts, this new podcast celebrates the very best of seasonal and sustainable eating.

Each episode serves up insightful knowledge on growing and sourcing your ingredients and simple cooking tips and recipes so that you can learn how a splash, drizzle or generous pour of naturally sustainable pure Canadian maple syrup can transform fresh produce into delicious food creations.

Hosted by James Golding, a driving force in promoting sustainable eating in the UK hospitality industry and Group Chef Director for a major UK hotel group.

S1 E1: Food for thought 

With: Dr Carly Daniels and Clare Stanley from The National Lobster Hatchery

In the first episode of the series, James Golding delves into sustainable seafood and looks at the incredible work being done by marine conservation charity, The National Lobster Hatchery, who is on a mission to conserve fragile lobster stocks in Cornwall. 

S1 E2: Conscious chocolate 

With: Master chocolatier, William Curley 

Award-winning master chocolatier William Curley joins James Golding to chat about the importance of sustainability in the chocolate industry and how cheap chocolate can come at a high price. William is a world-renowned chef pâtissier, a record-breaking, four-time winner of Best British Chocolatier and ethically sourced, high-quality, seasonal ingredients are at the heart of his chocolate creations. 

S1 E3: Sustainable meat consumption  

With: Lee Moreton of From Salt to Smoke

Knowledge is the key ingredient for eating sustainably sourced meat and with BBQ season upon us, James Golding talks through becoming a conscious carnivore. James is also joined by Lee Moreton, the brains behind From Salt to Smoke, experts in ethically reared meat. In this episode we look at making the dairy industry more sustainable and how this can benefit the meat industry and the best cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables for a summer BBQ. James reveals which veg you can enjoy over the summer and shares some of his favourite BBQ recipes.