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5-8 Years

Quick recipes to fire the imagination of young cooks. Adult guidance and help with baking and cutting techniques is essential.

Christmas Tree Biscuits post-time Created with Sketch. 30 minutes

These biscuits are the perfect thing to make with the kids this Christmas.

Maple chicken pitta pocket post-time Created with Sketch. 15 minutes

This recipe is a variation of the classic chicken sandwich. By replacing mayonnaise with Greek yoghurt, you’ll ben...

Maple-glazed sausage rolls post-time Created with Sketch. 40 minutes

Cocktail sausages get a festive make-over in this recipe where savoury and sweet work in harmony. There is also a great ...

Maple granola post-time Created with Sketch. 5 minutes

Putting together a tasty breakfast/brunch could not be easier than this pretty layered yoghurt-based dish. You could al...

Maple syrup and walnut biscuits post-time Created with Sketch. 40 minutes

Crisp, nutty biscuits are perfect for a coffee break – dunk if you dare! For convenience, make a big batch of the bisc...

Carrot and maple cake post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 10 minutes

A tasty new take on a baking stalwart, loved by young and old alike. Fresh spices make all the difference and ensure...

Cream strawberry and maple smoothie post-time Created with Sketch. 5 minutes

This smoothie is bursting with vitamin C and the cardamom gives a very subtle spicy/citrusy edge. You can add fresh stra...

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