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Grades of maple syrup

Maple grades denote the colour/darkness of the syrup and depth of flavour. They are determined by a spectrophotometer, an instrument that measures the amount of light which can pass through the maple syrup. The higher the percentage, the lighter the grade.


All grades of maple syrup are 100% pure and are collected at different times of the season. Varied, subtle and delicious, they range from Golden to Very Dark and have different culinary applications. Have fun exploring the magic of maple!

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Delicate Taste

100% - 75%*

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Rich Taste

74.9% - 50%*

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Robust Taste

49.9% - 25%*

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Very Dark
Strong Taste

24.9% - 0%*

  • New Grades
  • Old Grades
Golden Extra Light
100 - 75% 100 - 75%
74.9 - 60.5%
Amber Medium
74.9 - 50% 60.4 - 44%
Dark Amber
49.9 - 25% 43.9 - 27%
Very Dark Dark
24.9 - 25% 26.9 - 0%

% Light Transmision

Season Start Season End

Golden, Delicate Taste

sweet & delicate

Light Transmission: 100% - 75%

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This syrup comes from maple sap harvested at the very beginning of the sugaring-off season. It’s distinguished by its light golden hue and sweet, delicate flavour. It’s a delicious topping for yoghurt and ice cream.


Amber, Rich Taste

pure delicate taste

Light Transmission: 74.9% - 50%

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This syrup has a pure, rich taste and a magnificent amber colouring. It’s ideal as an ingredient in vinaigrettes and all sorts of dishes and desserts.


Dark, Robust Taste

pronounced maple flavour

Light Transmission: 49.9% - 25%

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This syrup, with its more pronounced, caramelised flavour, is well-suited for cooking, baking, and sauces. It’s celebrated for the way it enhances the taste of fruity dishes.


Very Dark, Strong Taste

pronounced maple flavour

Light Transmission: 24.9% - 0%

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This syrup is the product of maple sap harvested at the end of the sugaring-off season. Its flavour, more pronounced than any of the previously-listed syrups, is rich and distinctive. It colours and perfumes sauces and glazes to perfection.

What makes Grade A?

All maple syrup must also meet the following requirements:

Asset 1
Free of fermentation
Asset 8
Even in colour
Asset 7
Free of sediment
Asset 4
No cloudiness or turbidity
Asset 6
Maple flavour characteristics of its colour class
Asset 5
No objectionable odour or taste

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