Michelle Evans-Fecci


Maple Ambassador

Michelle is a passionate food and baking enthusiast who loves creating recipes with seasonal produce. She featured as a contestant on series ten of The Great British Bake Off and was star baker of cake week.

Michelle was known on the show for her kind, caring nature and for showcasing her ability to create stylish, colourful bakes using seasonal ingredients paired with homegrown produce. Her ethos on the show was that “a bake must taste as good as it looks”, and she paired traditional and modern techniques and flavours in an imaginative way, producing eye-catching recipes with unusual flavour combinations.

Paul and Prue described her bakes as “faultless” and “absolutely exquisite”.

A home-baker at heart, Michelle is hugely passionate about sharing her love of baking and teaching others. She is bilingual, Welsh being her first language, and grew up on a farm in Carmarthenshire in Wales, where she learnt the foundations of baking and cooking skills from her mum, and how to grow vegetables and look after livestock from her Dad. From an early age Michelle loved all things food and saved up her own pocket money up to buy her very first cookbook from the touring bus library that visited her school. (She still has the book to this today!)

Michelle and her family love being self-sustainable and strive for zero food waste living. She grows a lot of her own veg, herbs, fruits and even has a couple of free-range hens (Hawker and Blossom).  Michelle loves the idea of “garden to table” as that’s a reflection of her home life and is always being inspired by the seasons and her surroundings to create recipes with seasonal produce while baking and cooking.

In 2006, Michelle and husband set up a photographic print studio in Tenby, which through hard work and determination went from strength to strength. Michelle now pursues a career in food, TV, recipe development and styling. She and her husband style and take photographs all of her baking and cooking creations. Michelle loves sharing recipes and baking tips on her Instagram page Bakesbymichelle, and enjoys working with brands that she feels are representative of the style of baking she enjoys and products she uses at home.

Michelle has regular cooking slots on Welsh TV channel S4C and slots on both Welsh and English radio shows. She has worked for a number of UK companies on various projects and collaborations promoting brands, recipes, produce, ingredients and products, as well as having food-styled photographs and recipes published in various Welsh and English magazines, all while keeping within her creative style.

Our maple ambassadors

We are proud to work with a selection of fantastic ambassadors who love maple in all its forms and want to inspire others to use this wonderful ingredient.

Tips and tricks

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Maple flakes make a great addition to spice blends

Season meats, fish, and vegetables with the delicious flavour of maple.

Maple water is for drinking — and cooking, too!

Maple water brings sublime flavour to soups and broths. You can also use it to poach fish.

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