Celebrate Pancake Day with Manon’s best ever maple pancakes

Manon Lagreve Crepe

For Pancake Day, our chef ambassador and Great British Bake Off star Manon Lagrève shares her delicious family recipe for a “real” crêpe Bretonne with maple salted caramel and apples.

Growing up in Brittany, Manon enjoyed this dish with family and friends and it’s one of her favourite ways to give the traditional French dish an indulgent spin. It’s also the perfect way to experiment with pure Canadian maple syrup this Pancake Day.

Not only is maple syrup a delicious pancake topper, the versatile and natural ingredient can also be used within the mixture of the pancake batter. Combining maple syrup in the mix with the sea salt gives a delicious contrast of sweet and salty flavours. Using Canadian maple syrup in the batter also gives the crêpe a gorgeous golden-brown colour when lightly fried.

Maple syrup gives a depth of flavour to any dish and can also be used to make an easy caramel sauce, as demonstrated in Manon’s recipe. The caramel sauce can be whipped up in minutes and is sure to impress on Pancake Day.

Simply heat maple syrup, salted butter, double cream and sea salt in a small pan for a smooth and delicious home-made caramel, without the fuss. The sauce is packed with the natural, unrefined sugars which are found in maple and the combination of salty butter and cream is mouth-watering.

While we love this recipe for Pancake Day, Manon’s authentic Breton recipe can be enjoyed as a weekday dessert treat, a lazy weekend brunch or mid-week snack. Who says pancakes are just for Shrove Tuesday?

Watch Manon whip up this delicious Pancake Day treat!

Did you know ?

Québec exports its maple products to more than 50 countries.

Everywhere it goes, consumers of all ages appreciate maple’s unique flavour.

Scientists are studying maple’s potential health benefits.

Studies now underway include those on the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols naturally present in maple syrup.

Maple syrup can be used as a sugar substitute in most recipes.

In cake and most dessert recipes, for each 250ml (1 cup) of syrup used, simply reduce the stipulated amount of liquid (water, milk, juice, etc.) by 60ml (1/4 cup).

A natural source of energy

Maple syrup is a natural source of energy. Check out our recipes for food and drinks before, during, and after exercise.