Why maple syrup makes a natural alternative to other sugars or sweeteners

Vegan Avocado Chocolate Torte

Looking to switch up your bakes and dishes? Cooking with pure Canadian maple syrup could be the natural sweetener you have been looking for.

Giving up sweet dishes completely may be a little unrealistic. However, by cooking with pure Canadian maple syrup you can satisfy your sweet tooth straight from nature. While tasting delicious, the iconic sweet ingredient also provides certain vitamins and minerals (vitamin B2, manganese, copper and potassium).

Cooking with pure maple is a tasty and natural way of enjoy your favourite bakes and meals. This pure ingredient is free of any additives or artificial sweeteners and is made by simply boiling the sap of the maple tree. Pure Canadian maple syrup has nothing added or taken away.

Maple syrup comes from one simple ingredient, the sap from maple trees. It is rich in manganese which helps to contribute to the normal formation of connective tissue. Having an ingredient as versatile as maple means that you can give your dishes a real, natural flavour boost.

If you are wondering how you can easily make the switch and cut out refined sugars and sweeteners, then we have the perfect recipes for you. Unlike honey, maple is a vegan product which makes it even more versatile.

Why not try a delicious vegan avocado chocolate torte? A simple way of demonstrating how you can easily bake impressive sweet treats. This delicious dessert is sure to satisfy any sweet cravings over the winter months and is packed with natural ingredients.

Cooking with an ingredient as versatile as pure Canadian maple syrup means that even savoury dishes such as baked eggs with spinach and maple can be given a touch of the unique flavour it brings.

Making ingredient swaps while eating a healthy and balanced diet are the simple everyday changes you can make for long-term health promotion.

Did you know ?

Québec exports its maple products to more than 50 countries.

Everywhere it goes, consumers of all ages appreciate maple’s unique flavour.

Scientists are studying maple’s potential health benefits.

Studies now underway include those on the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols naturally present in maple syrup.

Maple syrup can be used as a sugar substitute in most recipes.

In cake and most dessert recipes, for each 250ml (1 cup) of syrup used, simply reduce the stipulated amount of liquid (water, milk, juice, etc.) by 60ml (1/4 cup).

A natural source of energy

Maple syrup is a natural source of energy. Check out our recipes for food and drinks before, during, and after exercise.