Winter Warmers Without the Guilt

Pumpkin, chestnut and maple soup

Planning to cut down on sugar this Christmas? In collaboration with the National Pharmacy Association, we’re sharing some information and advice on ways you can reduce your sugar intake this festive season.

Christmas can be an especially challenging time when it comes to avoiding excess. Whether that’s alcohol, salt, sugar, or just general overindulgence! With all the Christmas baking, winter treats, cocktails and party food, sugar can be a tricky ingredient to avoid in December. While a little here and there can be a nice treat as part of a balanced diet, too much can negatively impact our health.

How to Swap Out Sugar

Maple syrup is well suited to replace and reduce the quantity of sugars you consume, as a little goes a long way while still packing a flavourful punch.

Our conversion chart, which can be found here, is a helpful tool to use when replacing processed sugar in your cooking and baking.

Healthy Yet Wholesome Winter Recipes

Experimenting with maple syrup is a great way to reduce your sugar intake without missing out on any of the flavour, while adding an extra special twist to your seasonal favourites.

The team at Maple from Canada UK has prepared a range of free, quick and easy nutritional recipes to inspire you this winter – including everything from vegetarian and vegan dishes, to flavourful sweet treats. Here are some of our favourites:

Oven Roasted Fish with a Maple Glaze
This oven roasted fish recipe with a maple glaze is super succulent and packed full of omegas, healthy fats that keep the mind sharp and help protect the heart; improving blood circulation to prevent clots.

Mediterranean Tuscan Soup Served with Maple Toasted Sourdough Bread
This warming vegan dish epitomises winter comfort and features a rainbow of seasonal veggies to help boost your immune system during cold and flu season. Serve with toasted wholemeal sourdough as a healthier, vitamin-packed alternative to white bread. Get the recipe here.

Pumpkin, Chestnut and Maple Soup
The complementary flavours of pumpkin, chestnut and maple syrup make for a delicious soup, and really offer up a taste of the season. Best served with warm bread for dunking!

Christmas with a Twist

Add a twist to some Christmas staples with a drizzle of maple, our favourite festive staple. The classic Christmas starter, our Maple Prawn Cocktail provides a light, fresh start to any festive menu. For those with a penchant for more snacky starters, Maple Cured Salmon on Butter Toasts might be just the thing.

Moving onto the main event, a hearty cut of Baked Ham with a sticky maple glaze is sure to get your taste buds tingling. If you’re not a big fan of red meat, this Turkey Wellington with Maple is a perfect alternative to the traditional beef wellington.

Christmas isn’t complete without Mince Pies, and these ones have had a delicious makeover with pure Canadian maple syrup, perfect for nibbling and gifting!

Lastly, Maple Gingerbread Men are a classic family favourite. These chewy and crunchy maple syrup gingerbread biscuits are a delightful treat to bake and decorate with the kids.

Find more festive inspired and seasonal recipes here, and don’t forget to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

More about Maple

The colour and flavour of maple syrup changes in subtle ways during the seasonal harvest.

At the start of the sugaring season, the syrup is generally clear, with a light, sweet taste. It becomes darker with a caramelised flavour as the season progresses throughout the spring.

An unopened can of maple syrup keeps for many years.

Once the can is opened, syrup should be kept in an airtight container in a cool place.

100% pure maple butter doesn't contain any butter, or dairy products.

Like all 100% pure maple products, maple butter comes from the sap of the maple tree – that’s all.

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