Deliciously Earthy’s Superfood Sushi With Maple Vinegar

Veganuary / Influencer

4 portions


  • 300g sushi rice
  • 140g firm tofu
  • 100ml maple vinegar 
  • 2 tsp blue spirulina 
  • 1-2 tsp beetroot powder 
  • 1-2 tsp turmeric 
  • Fillings of choice i.e peppers and cucumbers chopped in strips 
  • 2-3 seaweed sheets 


  1. Wash and cook the sushi rice as per your packet instructions, drain and place in a bowl to cool. 
  2. Add the maple vinegar to the rice. 
  3. Divide the mixture into 5 parts in separate bowls to make each colour. 
  4. Cut the drained and pressed tofu in strips and lightly fry on medium heat for 5 mins, or until lightly browned. Place aside with the rest of your fillings.
  5. Add in the powders for each colour into each separate bowl: For orange, add 1 tsp turmeric and 1 tsp beetroot powder (add 1-2 tsp extra vinegar if needed). For blue, add 1 tsp blue spirulina; for pink add 1 tsp beetroot powder; for green, add ½ – 1 tsp blue spirulina with 1 tsp turmeric powder. 
  6. Cover a bamboo roller with clingfilm and add a sheet of seaweed over it. 
  7. Place strips of rice over the seaweed until you’ve got some colours combos and top with your fillings, lengthways. Leave a little space of seaweed on the edge so you can seal it. 
  8. Roll the sushi and wet the edge you saved with a bit of water to make it seal. 
  9. With a sharp, damp knife slice your rolls to reveal your superfood rainbow colour combinations. 

Developed by Richa at Deliciously Earthy, this superfood sushi is packed full of goodness and uses pure Canadian maple vinegar. A recipe of rainbow dreams. 

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