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About Maple from Canada

All about maple from Canada – discover how it’s made, the history of maple syrup, maple grades, maple products, facts and more.

How maple syrup is made

That’s easy: most things are left to nature. You just need trees, the right climate – and plenty of time

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History of maple syrup

Since Canada’s indigenous Amerindian peoples first shared the sweet secret of the maple tree with early settlers, the wonders of this natural sugar reserve have become woven into the rich fabric of the nation’s culture

Grades of maple syrup

There are four grades of Canadian maple syrup and each has its own distinct colour, flavour profile and qualities. The colour, which ranges from a golden-hued syrup to the seductive very dark grade, is a result of when it is harvested

Maple syrup – the facts

From how to cook with maple to where to buy – everything you need to know... and more

Maple products

If you think maple sap is only used for producing maple syrup, think again. The sticky sap is turned into a wide range of delicious maple products that are enjoyed around the world

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