National Vegetarian Week: Here’s why you’ll want to consider going veggie

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Endorsed by the Vegetarian Society, National Vegetarian Week is an annual initiative with one aim – to educate people about the benefits of ditching meat and embracing a vegetarian diet. If you’re wondering whether you should participate in National Vegetarian Week between 10th and 16th May 2021, look no further.

Benefits of a vegetarian/plant-based diet

With numerous studies supporting the plethora of health benefits that are thought to come with adopting a vegetarian diet, it’s no surprise how popular vegetarianism has become. A recent poll indicated that approximately 5.7% of the UK’s population is vegetarian – which means over a staggering three million people are vegetarian nationwide.

Alongside health benefits such as boosting heart health, reducing the risk of diabetes and lowering blood pressure, “By eating less meat, fish, eggs and dairy and prioritising positive wellbeing when we do, we can all help animals, people and the planet” says Nick Palmer of World Farming UK.

A Guardian article discussing the rise of vegetarianism states a series of influential studies have reported that by avoiding meat and dairy products or consuming less of them, consumers can reduce their environmental impact on the planet, as farming animals is such a CO2-intensive process.

So not only will you be implementing optimistic lifestyle changes by going veggie, you’ll also be protecting the planet and its environments.

Another reason vegetarian or plant-based diets are on the rise is because accessibility has also increased. Meat substitutes and recipes that cater to all manners of dietary requirements mean that people are no longer ‘missing out’ by cutting out certain foods.

Delicious veggie dishes

It’s important to note that while vegetarian diets are renowned for being healthy, ensuring your meals are nutritional and well-balanced to help you consume all the nutrients and vitamins you need should be a priority.

Pure Canadian maple syrup is the perfect ingredient to accompany your vegetarian diets and dishes, as an all-natural vegan product packed full of vitamins and minerals. Whether it’s for savoury or sweet, the versatility and delicious flavour of maple syrup makes it an essential store cupboard item.

With an array of veggie dishes sure to tickle your tastebuds, participating in National Vegetarian Week couldn’t be easier. If you’re thinking of going veggie for a week and need recipe inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

A decadent creamy delight that is sure to impress the harshest of critics, this twice-baked goats cheese souffle is a must – with a classic combination of earthy nutmeg and rich maple syrup.

For a taste of summer why not try maple vegetable pilaf with a side of maple-roasted carrots, burrata and pistachio pesto? A vibrant, flavourful meal perfect to enjoy as lunch or dinner.

If you’re after something light, this refreshing and nutritional watermelon, feta and radish salad with maple dressing will quickly become your go-to – and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

Find a collection of many more wonderful vegetarian recipes here.

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Did you know ?

Québec exports its maple products to more than 50 countries.

Everywhere it goes, consumers of all ages appreciate maple’s unique flavour.

Scientists are studying maple’s potential health benefits.

Studies now underway include those on the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols naturally present in maple syrup.

Maple syrup can be used as a sugar substitute in most recipes.

In cake and most dessert recipes, for each 250ml (1 cup) of syrup used, simply reduce the stipulated amount of liquid (water, milk, juice, etc.) by 60ml (1/4 cup).

A natural source of energy

Maple syrup is a natural source of energy. Check out our recipes for food and drinks before, during, and after exercise.