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Maple Syrup Dessert Recipes

Discover delicious, easy-to-follow, maple syrup dessert recipes, including cakes, crumbles, puddings and lots more.

Maple Pumpkin Pie post-time Created with Sketch. 2 hours 10 minutes

Sweet and decadent with a subtle hint of spice, this classic pumpkin pie is perfect hot or cold.

Maple Sugar Carrot Cake post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 20 minutes

A Canadian take on a timeless classic, the Maple sugar in this carrot cake adds the perfect touch to dessert.

Maple syrup caramelised popcorn Maple Syrup and Popcorn Nut Brittle post-time Created with Sketch. 23 minutes

A perfect quick snack, this sweet treat is brilliant for kids – why not try it as a weekend activity?

Maple Syrup French Toast post-time Created with Sketch. 2 hours 05 minutes

Luxurious, fruity, decadent… this Maple syrup French toast recipe makes breakfast so much better.

Maple syrup and almond chocolate truffles Maple Almond Truffles post-time Created with Sketch. 45 minutes

These almond truffles are sweet, decadent and ideal for treating yourself.

Maple syrup parfait Maple and Pear Mini-Parfaits post-time Created with Sketch. 55 minutes

Hot, caramelised pears come together with cold, smooth cream to create a rich, indulgent dessert perfect for dinner part...

Maple syrup dessert pizza Chocolate Maple Dessert Pizza post-time Created with Sketch. 35 minutes

Pizza? For dessert? You bet. Try out this quick recipe with the kids or enjoy as a light bite after a meal.

Christmas Tree Biscuits post-time Created with Sketch. 30 minutes

These biscuits are the perfect thing to make with the kids this Christmas.

Vegan Avocado Chocolate Torte post-time Created with Sketch. 40 minutes

This indulgent, decadent torte is the perfect dessert for dinner parties this festive season.

Chocolate, cardamom and ginger pots post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 00 minutes

Chocolate, cardamom and crystallised ginger make for a moreish dessert. Perfect for dinner parties!

Summer berries pavlova post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 30 minutes

Crunchy meringue topped with sweet fruit and drizzled with delicate-tasting maple syrup. The perfect sharing dessert!

Maple bundt cake post-time Created with Sketch. 45 minutes

These mini bundt cakes sweetened with delicate-tasting golden maple syrup are great for sharing with friends.

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