Discover the Magic of Maple this Christmas

A versatile taste profile to elevate Christmas staples

With a versatile taste profile, a range of nutritional benefits and a sustainable production process, pure Canadian maple syrup is the perfect ingredient to add some variety and elevate some of your usual festive staples into Christmas showstoppers.

We might not be celebrating Christmas like we normally would this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go all out on the food and drinks we share within our households this year. In fact, the majority of Brits surveyed said that they’re aiming to make this the best Christmas dinner ever.

There are a variety of starters, mains and desserts that make up our maple Christmas recipes, including standout dishes crafted by our passionate chef ambassadors such as William Curley, and James Golding.

Did you know, there are actually four different grades of maple syrup, depending on when the maple is harvested? These four grades each have a distinct taste, offering everything from delicate to robust flavour profiles.

This versatility in these maple grades enables this all-natural sweetener to be a tasty addition to a variety of Christmas dishes, with the rich flavour of amber maple syrup boosting these maple syrup Christmas tree biscuits, while these maple mince pie truffles are complemented by the strong flavour of dark maple syrup.

On top of this flavour versatility, pure Canadian maple syrup can also add some useful minerals to your festive dishes, thanks to the fact it’s rich in manganese, riboflavin and copper.

No matter how different your Christmas looks this year, let us guide you through the festive season with hand-picked recipes, informative videos and more!

Featured Christmas Recipes

Festive Favourites

Make the ultimate maple Christmas sandwich with chef ambassadors, Sam and Shauna

Learn to make Sam and Shauna’s incredible bacon-weaved, maple-glazed smoked turkey and put any leftovers to great use with their ultimate maple Christmas sandwich. 

Watch Sam and Shauna make some festive comfort food:

From a classic roast turkey, elevated by maple croutons, to rough puff mini croissants, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite Christmas recipes:

Find out how Brits are planning to cook the best ever Christmas dinner, including cooking their turkey on the BBQ and adding maple syrup to their sprouts

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