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Maple Pumpkin Pie post-time Created with Sketch. 2 hours 10 minutes

Sweet and decadent with a subtle hint of spice, this classic pumpkin pie is perfect hot or cold.

Maple Sugar Carrot Cake post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 20 minutes

A Canadian take on a timeless classic, the Maple sugar in this carrot cake adds the perfect touch to dessert.

Maple syrup parfait Maple and Pear Mini-Parfaits post-time Created with Sketch. 55 minutes

Hot, caramelised pears come together with cold, smooth cream to create a rich, indulgent dessert perfect for dinner part...

Christmas Tree Biscuits post-time Created with Sketch. 30 minutes

These biscuits are the perfect thing to make with the kids this Christmas.

Maple bundt cake post-time Created with Sketch. 45 minutes

These mini bundt cakes sweetened with delicate-tasting golden maple syrup are great for sharing with friends.

Maple pumpkin mini tarts post-time Created with Sketch. 25 minutes

Autumnal chilly nights call for something cozy to tuck into and these maple mini tarts are just the thing! The rich swee...

Maple plain chocolate truffles

These tasty truffles are equally perfect for a dinner party or a film night treat. The optional liqueur adds that extra ...

Maple pear and blackberry crumble post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 05 minutes

Seasonal fruits shine in a luscious crumble that is the essence of comfort food. Blackberries are spectacular in the...

Pear, maple and ricotta cake, maple ice cream post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 20 minutes

This indulgent yet light cake works a dream with maple syrup ice cream. It doubles as a treat for a lavish afternoon tea...

Maple shortcrust pastry post-time Created with Sketch. 6 hours 20 minutes

This recipe works brilliantly for tarts and pies. The addition of maple sugar gives the pastry a special sweet edge that...

Sweet potato pancakes, maple glaze and smoked salmon post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 10 minutes

This ultimate weekend brunch is bursting with satisfying sweet and smoky notes. The sweet potato pancakes, rich in vitam...

Ginger and maple-glazed tofu, pumpkin and pecan bread post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 30 minutes

Tofu, or bean curd, is a great source of protein and essential amino acids and has been linked with numerous health bene...

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