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Maple syrup strawberry chips Maple Strawberry Chips post-time Created with Sketch. 3 hours 05 minutes

This fruity, sweet treat is super easy to make and the end product can be enjoyed by all.

Maple syrup caramelised popcorn Maple Syrup and Popcorn Nut Brittle post-time Created with Sketch. 23 minutes

A perfect quick snack, this sweet treat is brilliant for kids – why not try it as a weekend activity?

Maple syrup parfait Maple and Pear Mini-Parfaits post-time Created with Sketch. 55 minutes

Hot, caramelised pears come together with cold, smooth cream to create a rich, indulgent dessert perfect for dinner part...

Maple syrup dessert pizza Chocolate Maple Dessert Pizza post-time Created with Sketch. 35 minutes

Pizza? For dessert? You bet. Try out this quick recipe with the kids or enjoy as a light bite after a meal.

Apple & Cranberry Chutney post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 30 minutes

Sweet and flavoursome, this Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas cheeseboard.

Maple glazed roast pumpkin post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 15 minutes

Maple glazed roast pumpkin is exactly what you need this Autumn.

Maple juice with kale post-time Created with Sketch. 10 minutes

This delicious juice is not only easy to make, it’s also full of green goodness that you’re sure to love.

Maple cheesy mashed potatoes post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 10 minutes

Serve these cheesy maple mashed potatoes alongside our maple beer baked ham for a true taste of Canada, or next to your ...

Maple plain chocolate truffles

These tasty truffles are equally perfect for a dinner party or a film night treat. The optional liqueur adds that extra ...

Red cabbage, tahini and maple slaw post-time Created with Sketch. 10 minutes

This refreshing slaw is great as a side, or perfect for a light lunch. Packed with healthy ingredients, the dish is elev...

Natural energy drink post-time Created with Sketch. 10 minutes

Delicious, healthy and very quick to make. This is a staple training drink.

Overnight oats post-time Created with Sketch. 6 hours 10 minutes

A quick and easy breakfast for those early morning training sessions.

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