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Maple syrup pork ravioli Maple Pork Crispy Chinese Ravioli

The perfect starter or appetiser, these Chinese-inspired raviolis make for a great canapé at parties!

Maple Pecan Brussels Sprouts post-time Created with Sketch. 19 minutes

Though they divide dinner tables across the country, sprouts are a key component of Christmas Dinner – and these a...

Apple & Cranberry Chutney post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 30 minutes

Sweet and flavoursome, this Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas cheeseboard.

Maple glazed roast pumpkin post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 15 minutes

Maple glazed roast pumpkin is exactly what you need this Autumn.

Cured salmon on butter toasts post-time Created with Sketch. 7 minutes

This 6-hour cured fish is bursting with flavour. Delicate-tasting maple syrup infuses the salmon and adds a subtle sweet...

Onion and Goat’s cheese tart post-time Created with Sketch. 15 minutes

A simple and delicious tart filled with rich goats cheese and sweet sticky onions.

Creamy celeriac mash post-time Created with Sketch. 35 minutes

A creamy celeriac mash cooked with gentle spices and topped with delicate-tasting golden maple syrup for a touch of swee...

Colourful roasted root vegetables post-time Created with Sketch. 35 minutes

These colourful root vegetables including carrots, parsnips and beetroot are sure to wow your dinner party guests.

Festive red cabbage with maple post-time Created with Sketch. 3 hours 10 minutes

Sweet maple syrup and apples are simmered for three hours to flavour gently spiced cabbage. The perfect winter side dish...

Winter salad post-time Created with Sketch. 35 minutes

A crunchy winter salad infused with delicate-tasting golden maple syrup.

Roast potatoes with maple drizzle post-time Created with Sketch. 1 hours 05 minutes

Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle – a classic roast potato is a thing of beauty. Our maple twist on these ...

New potato salad with maple mustard dressing post-time Created with Sketch. 20 minutes

Maple syrup offsets the hot mustard to make a moreish side dish, perfect for any BBQ.

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